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Following the life and love story of Nigerian Grace and Ghanaian Nathan, the Philips #ThroughYourLife campaign celebrates the users of their products, appreciating the patronage and support they have experienced across Africa for decades.

The campaign takes us through the parallel lives of Grace and Nathan from children at home in Nigeria, to adults whose paths cross via their love of fitness and they embark on a journey of their own. We see them get engaged and have two weddings, enjoying married life, and even get to share the excitement of expecting their first child.

You can’t help but root and cheer as we get a glimpse of Grace’s baby bump as she’s pregnant with her second child while celebrating her first turning a milestone five years old.
#ThroughYourLife shows the relationship between Grace and Nathan, while mirroring the longevity of the relationship between Philips and users across Africa: once you use a Philips product, you stick with Philips through your life. This is a testament to the long-lasting, durable and efficient products Philips makes that actually go the distance till they are passed from generation to generation.

The campaign also showcases the evolution of Philips products with their new technologically advance additions, the Philips Airfryer and the steamer, which are just as good investments as the trusted Philips iron and Philips AVENT Mother and Child Care products...


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